My posts are for entertainment.  They contain a little bit of truth mixed in with a whole bunch of embellishment.  If you think I am writing about you, your best friend, your dad, your local radio DJ or your pet iguana you are wrong.  These posts are my opinions and random thoughts and do not reflect the opinions of my employer, my co-workers, my school or any other people affiliated with me.  I follow HIPAA Regulations and I change information in order to maintain privacy. 

I do not provide any medical advice so don’t even think about emailing me with questions.  Same goes with photos…unless it’s a photo of a deep, deep cavernous wound because I’m looking for a really awful gross photo to give to my friend for her birthday.  Instead of contacting me, get in touch with your local Care Provider.  Furthermore, do not believe everything you read on the internet even though it’s convenient and does contain some good and pertinent information that can help you.  There are far too many sites out there that are not credible and you could be mislead…and you could…die.  So be careful out there!  

I am not being compensated for any posts I write about certain products or services.  I do like money though and I really want to remodel my kitchen so if I am contacted by a company and asked to write about a product or service, I may just decide to do so.  Hey 3M™ Littmann® —I would be glad to “test drive” a Caribbean Blue Classic II Pediatric stethoscope!  (Kidd Dynamite has generously volunteered to “test drive” a Chevy Sierra…figures.  You see who’s more dedicated to serving the people, right?!  Sheesh…) 

Like any blogger, I love when people leave comments.  For now, I am not moderating comments.  Please be respectful when commenting…both to others who have commented and to me.  You may not have the same opinion as me and that is fine.  I will delete any comments that are just purely mean or hurtful. 

I hope you enjoy your visit!