Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Dr. Zoidberg's For Me....

and for that, I'm pretty thankful!

I wanted to order my favorite Anywear shoes, but I needed to make sure it was gonna have some strappy-goodness so they would stay on my feet as I ran to save a life(ok, as I ran to get a day I will save a life though! lol!). Unfortunately, had to go with a different that reminded me of Dr. Zoidberg's chest and belly...sigh.

Here's the shoe I had to order (in black so Dr. Zoidbergishness can be seen):Here's Dr. Zoidberg...uh, nudey:

See the resemblance?? Ok...I know you may not quickly see the resemblance, and that's fine because what really matters here is that I...ME...JENNY...was gonna think of Dr. Zoidberg everytime I put those shoes on my feet. Maybe that would have been a good thing...I don't know. I was planning on making the best of it though because Anywear shoes are so honkin' comfortable! What I really wanted was a shoe that was smooooooth with no design.

Well, the day came to pick up my Dr. Zoidbergs, but when I arrived at my favorite Scrub shop, I found that they had been discontinued. What!?....oh geez....Pete took me to Wiseman's and I got Crocs instead.
Are Crocs even in style anymore??? Great...probably not. Now my reputation as a fashion diva is shot....(if you knew me you would be cackling right about now!) Anyway, they are white, mostly smooth and more importantly, they are comfortable. So, if they AREN'T in style anymore....please don't tell me, ok? Thanks!

I do feel like I would be a better nurse if I could wear these wait....these!!!

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